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Elana is an award-winning writer and editor trained in the Chicago Manual of Style. She offers competitively low prices, making herself affordable for indie and self-published authors. Work estimates are always rounded down, and discounts are offered for bulk orders.

Need your manuscript reviewed by next week? Need your eBook formatted by tonight? Elana is able to put a rush on urgent projects if you're in a time crunch!


Does your book pass QA standards? Proofreaders check completed, edited manuscripts for quality. This is the final step before publication.


The devil is in the details: copyeditors fix spelling, grammar, and syntax errors while also focusing on big-picture elements.


Ready to take your story to the next level? Are you in need of publishing services such as eBook or audiobook creation? Look no further! 

Proofreading | $0.005 / word  $0.006 / word rush

Whether you're gearing up to submit your manuscript to agents or you're about to send it to the printer, you'll want a proofreader to look it over first. Proofreaders flag inconsistencies and errors in spelling, grammar, and formatting. They are your final line of defense against troublesome typos.


With a sharp eye for detail, Elana can help you make sure your manuscript is ready to hit the shelves!


Copyediting | $0.010 / word  $0.015 / word rush

If you need an in-depth analysis of your manuscript, then you need a copyeditor. A copyeditor will flag the basic things, such as spelling and syntax errors, but they'll also point out big-picture issues, such as problems with pacing and organization, inconsistencies in characters and descriptions, plot holes, unresolved storylines, and more.

This service is recommended for writers who aren't ready for publication yet because they know structural changes may have to be made to their story.


Publishing | eBooks $5 / chapter  ||| Audiobooks $30 / 1000 words  $50 / 1000 rush

Elana can help turn your print book into eBook or audiobook format! eBooks will be fully outfitted to your specifications (and will include metadata, which is an essential part of making your work discoverable). Audiobooks will be recorded in-house and exported in compliance with ACX guidelines.

Check out some of Elana's recording work here to see if she fits your vision for your audiobook!

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Quotes are always rounded down to easy numbers! If your manuscript is 104,596 words, your quote would be a flat $500 (instead of $522.98) for regular proofreading services, and $600 (instead of $627.58) for rush proofreading services.


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