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Pre-order a signed paperback copy of the highly anticipated third book in The Shadow War Saga! Official release date: March 6, 2020.

Keriya Soulstar awakens on the other side of the world, far from Allentria, far from the dragon god Shivnath, far from everyone she’s ever known and loved. She can’t quite remember what happened during her final battle with Necrovar, and she doesn’t want to. Besides, she’s comfortable in Jidaeln, a foreign country where no one wields magic. She fits right in.
But Keriya knows she can’t hide forever. With her sword—the only reminder of her troubled past—she ventures to a school where she can train with military masters to learn the arts of battle. Under the tutelage of Ansai Viran, the leader of the academy, she takes her first step in becoming a warrior who can finally defeat the Shadow.

She will return to Allentria and finish what she started . . . or she’ll die trying.

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