So, What IS This?

If you've found your way to this page, chances are you're already a fan of my main novel series, "The Shadow War Saga". If so, I thank you for your support of my first published book, "Dragon Speaker" . . . and I want to offer you some additional material to tide you over while you wait for the sequel, "Dragon Child", to be released!

Chances are you probably also know I tend to write 200,000-word books. Don't worry. I'll keep this explanation short and simple.

For quite some time, I've wanted to release more information about the heroes and villains of the Great War. I want to tell the full story of the Second Age, when Necrovar first rose to power and attempted to conquer the world. Readers will be familiar with some of the big players in this story: Valerion, the greatest warrior Selaras has ever known, the hero who ultimately gave his life to defeat the Shadow; and Helkryvt, the mortal man who offered himself as a vessel for the dark energy that is evil incarnate. But there are many other names you don't know, and their voices deserve to be heard.

I'll be writing this while concurrently writing and publishing books three to five of The Shadow War Saga, and those will remain my primary focus. However, I love this story too much and I feel it too deeply to let it sit in my head for another ten years. Therefore, I'll be releasing chapters here on my website once every other week (twice a month). In this way I hope to provide you, my readers, with sustainable, fun content while also forcing myself to be productive.

In the immortal words of Ghokarian Equilumos - who you'll become acquainted with in this epic tale - "No dream ever came true simply by dreaming". So let us take the plunge together, travel back in time to seven thousand years before the events of "Dragon Speaker", and immerse ourselves in the world of ancient Selaras.

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