On Hiatus

Hello, my dearest readers. I wanted to let you know that because of my work getting Dragon Speaker out in America (and preparing Dragon Child for its 2019 release), my schedule has changed and I will no longer be able to post weekly (or even bi-monthly) chapters.

I suppose I should count myself luck; after all, I only have to put this project on hold because things are so busy with the main book series. That's a good thing. And when things quiet down a bit, I would love to return to this story, as it is very close to my heart.

Thank you to all who have read and followed Beledine and Ghokarian for the past half-year. Getting the beginnings of The Legacy Cycle down on paper -- er, on computer screen -- helped me grow in many ways as a writer, and shaping the past of my world helped me inform decisions in The Shadow War Saga.

I wish you all the very best as we enter the holiday season, and I promise I will update this "blog" with new content as soon as I'm able.

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