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Elana A. Mugdan author of Drago Speaker, Book 1 of The Shadow War Saga


Welcome, readers old and new! My name is Elana A. Mugdan, and I'm the author of The Shadow War Saga, a 5-book series of Young Adult fantasy novels.


I started writing my first book, Dragon Speaker, when I was just 14 years old. As I grew and my worldview changed, the story grew and evolved with me. It took on a life of its own, and has become something new and magical. Throughout the series, I focus on some of the most common fantasy tropes and do my best to upend them. I've lived, laughed, and cried with my characters. I've created a universe with magical

laws and fantastical beasts. It was a place of refuge and

solace for me; I hope it can be a place of wonder

and adventure for you.



So stay a while - take a look around. Send me a message on my contact page if you have any questions about books, dragons, or books about dragons. I'd love to hear from you! It is my sincere hope that you will come to know and love the world of Allentria as much as I do.


Thanks for stopping by!

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