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Praise & Reviews for

The Shadow War Saga


The reviews are in: people are loving the first installment in the 5-book fantasy epic, The Shadow War Saga! In April 2019, Dragon Speaker won the Grand Prize in the OZMA Fantasy Awards at the CIBA Conference in Washington State. Photo of all the grand prize winners below!


Check out the Goodreads page for Dragon Speaker, where we've been amassing quite a few new reviews. You can also look us up on, where a number of folks have been kind enough to leave feedback. See what your fellow readers are saying!


If you prefer to get opinions from the pros before sinking your teeth into a new story, you can check out the full review of Dragon Speaker on the Chanticleer Book Reviews website.


Subgenre: Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

Books in series: 5

Next Release:


Formats: Paperback, eBook


Author Elana A. Mugdan with young readers at the 2021 Douglaston Winter Festival.

The category Grand Prize winners at the 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards conference.

Dragon Ascendant

A new novel from the world of Allentria is flying to shelves near you! Or rather, electronic shelves. DRAGON ASCENDANT is a Young Adult Fantasy novel that takes place 500 years after the events of The Shadow War Saga (so be careful before you read, because there will be spoilers)!

With a heavy focus on found families and dragon riders, this story centers around a pair of unlikely heroes who must solve a magical murder mystery in order to save their home—and the world—from disaster.

You can read weekly chapters for free on Wattpad! If you like the story, please consider subscribing for a membership on our Ko-fi page, where chapters are released ahead of schedule for our VIPs. For just $2/month, you can support the world of Allentria and get access to awesome perks!



Subgenre: Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

Formats: Ko-fi, Wattpad

Rating: PG for mild fantasy violence

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