The Champion's Squire illustration by atelierMUSE book by Elana A. Mugdan author of The Shadow War Saga

The Champion's Squire

By Elana A. Mugdan

Paperback - $6.99


When the residents of Indrath Whitestone are besieged by a vicious and deadly drachvold, it falls to kitchen boy Rael to escape the beast’s watch and seek help from the soldiers of the Imperial Guard.


Enter Gavin Swiftwind – the only guardsman brave (or dumb) enough to leap at such a dangerous chance for glory. Spurred on by the promise of a beautiful Lady’s hand in marriage, Gavin accompanies Rael on an epic quest to defeat the drachvold and save the people of Whitestone.


But that’s easier said than done, for in the magical world of Allentria, there are perils at every turn…and it turns out there’s more to Rael than meets the eye. Gavin and Rael must learn to work together if they wish to emerge victorious on a journey that will never be forgotten.



Subgenre: Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

Pages: 84

Format: Paperback

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